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TheCoinCaptain is a live-streaming Coin Collector, Numismatist, Gold & Silver Enthusiast, Historian, Adventurer, Traveler, and Treasure Hunting Pirate.  Come aboard the ship during the livestreams and join the crew while we search for treasure by hunting rolls of coins and discuss numismatics, bullion, history, success, wealth, self-improvement, economics, investing, rum, traveling, IRL experiences and much much more!


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I've been coin collecting since I was a little kid. It all started when I inherited a coin collection from my grandfather which I still have and maintain to this day. Since then, I've come to appreciate many forms of collecting and would love to share my knowledge with you and also learn from you too! Through livestreams and posts that highlight various areas of interest and opportunities in coin collecting, coin roll hunting, bullion investing, you can come along on our treasure hunts, have fun, win cool prizes, discover new places, and learn along the way together.  I'll also be throwing in some history, literature, poetry, art, IRL streams, and other topics that relate.

I'm glad you're here. I strive to create most of my content for free. I enjoy being able to show others all of the cool and fun things there are to experience in the numismatic hobby and also share my many travel experiences with you.  All of my livestreams are completely free to watch on the DLive platform. There is never any obligation to donate or subscribe. You can support my efforts for free by watching my livestreams and following me on 


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Thank you so much for stopping by! Please check out all the content available here on the website, and I hope to see you soon on DLive during a livestream!

The Coin Captain